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Category: Wealthy Dating Websites (AKA Sugar Daddy Dating Sites)
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Millionaires Club 123 Review

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Millionaire’s Club is an exclusive membership site with an intensive acceptance policy.  If you're chosen, the rewards are nearly limitless. Club founder, Patti Stanger feels that "successful men and women in the dating arena need a private, exclusive club where they can find their perfect match".  

Ms. Stanger founded Millionaire's Club in January 2000. She is the former Director of Marketing for Great Expectations (the largest and oldest dating service in the United States) but is most well-known for her appearances on the Bravo TV show, The Millionaire Matchmaker. 

Men and women who aren’t millionaires are heavily screened and scrutinized before they're accepted to the club.  Millionaires are prepped, coached and preened and then guided through the entire process of finding and dating matches, right up to the marriage proposal!

All services are tailored to the individual person and their perfect match. As one member of Millionaire's Club put it, 'Patti knows just what millionaires want when it comes to dating, and provides them with exactly what they're looking for'."

Millionaires are protected from "gold-diggers" by the service they pay for. Non-millionaire members who join are heavily screened and asked to sign documentation. In this way, Millionaire's Club seeks to provide a professional, discreet service that serves the personal needs of the wealthy and their intended companions. 

Millionaire’s Club  is a uniquely positioned matchmaking service operating in the (super) wealthy dating category.  They don't offer a site with a searchable database per se.   While the other major wealthy dating sites (reviewed in the top ten in this category) are competing over databases and charging relatively miniscule monthly fees, Millionaire's Club faces no such challenge or external pressure. They charge a small fortune for their expertise and with that they face a more direct pressure of performance. Their service is based on an annual subscription of between $25k and $75k plus additional optional services. 

How well they do the job of getting a great match for both parties is obviously the key.  They apply the resources (all their professional partners) and the foresight to instill a sense of duty on the part of the millionaire to make the best of themselves (through makeovers and coaching) as well as really getting to know them in order to find the ideal match.

This in-depth discovery of what motivates them and how their values and character will contribute to a fulfilling relationship is another of the arts of matchmaking that Millionaire's Club applies.

Millionaire's Club takes the concept of exclusivity and opportunity and merges them effectively in a way that works well for all parties.  The millionaire keeps his or her time productive by hiring a service to sort through the masses of available, eager, qualified men and women.

The site’s non-millionaire members are ensured that their matches are genuine and that they are seriously committed to finding a match (given the financial and personal investment involved). The Service is well paid for doing a good job of matchmaking and hopefully succeeding in pairing up a satisfying relationship.

If this is the kind of approach (assuming an expenditure of this magnitude is within your budget), that sounds right for you and your lifestyle then it's probably a good option.  If it seems too contrived or 'not  you'  to go this route, then it may not be the best idea to commit $25 - $75K in hopes of getting an ideal match. 

Millionaire's Club’s approach is quite traditional, as Matchmaking services have been around for centuries. They've simply applied their skills to the model and are marketing it through the internet. It's a different approach to the other sites in this category, but we’re sure it will be perfect for some users.

Making a value assessment compared to the other typical sites is comparing apples to oranges, as it’s so different from other online services, but if what we have described sounds right for you, hit the link below to contact Patti Stanger and get started as a member of Millionaire’s Club.

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